Compost Bin for Your Kitchen

Sometimes we got headache for many kitchen's bin everyday and bad smell if we not quickly throw all of that. This design Compost Bin good alternative for solving the problem. Nothing bad smell and we can get compost for our plant. Dont worry that make fertileze the plant. Would ypu trying?


Kitchen Simple Design

Kitchen image, photo by Steve Peterson tell about simple design. It has mini table kitchen in centre room.

Wall Storage in the Kitchen

Kitchen is women laboratorium for practicing all recipes what them like. Women spend her time in kitchen. So... kitchen same with privacy laboratorium for women. And than how your kitchen room if your collections of kitchen tools too many. This image solve that problems. Exhibit the collections kitchen tools in wall. Many gun metal over there, i can home decoration in your kitchen room. You can try...this!


Japanese sweets

Part of some goodies Mum bought for the Chinese New Year.